Benefits of the Internet and how You Can Work with Us

Benefits of the Internet and how You Can Work with Us

We are living in a completely different world to the days when I was a little girl, bear in mind I say this even though’ I’m in my early 30s. My children are more likely to know how to operate an ipad in fluent proficiency than how to fix a bike. This of course might be partly down to my loosely organised’ parenting, but it is also a reflection of our society and its closely knit relationship with technology.’ There are plenty of publications on why this might not be a good idea for us as humankind, but this is going to be a story on how the internet can help’ to change’ our lives for the better, how it has given us a tool of power which we can if needed utilise in order to learn, grow, make riches and feel happier in our humanly surroundings. The world today is bigger, more accessible, it is a world where a freshly graduated illustration student, with a little wit, talent, enthusiasm, luck and persistence can weave an online network of clients by publishing their work onto Behance, gain fans and recognition through carefully selected hashtags on Instagram, befriend and contact potential clients via LinkedIn‘ and build a career doing what he/she loves. It is a different world for a parent, who’ can choose flexible hours by starting their’ own business, or work freelance. I say this with confidence as this is the line of work I practice myself raising two kids single handedly, it is not a stamp of feminist bravado, rather a gentle invitation to step out of your comfort zone, look at your life, your passions, sewing possibly being one of them, recognise opportunities you have and realising there are ways in making a passion into a career, a dream into reality.

armada jacket

My first job for’ the American Freestyle Ski company Armada, who found me through my Behance profile‘ in 2008. Our third ski collaboration is coming out this Winter

I’ve been an illustrator for 10 years, in those years the Internet, especially the rise in’ social media has completely reshaped on how we can now find’ our clients, how we assist and listen to our customers, how we can showcase our own skills, or sell our products without having a middle man to take his share of the profits. Online banking, online shopping, online dating, online schooling and communicating have become a recognised rather than shocking fact’ in our everyday lives. If you are not riding this train of opportunity, why not jump abroad and use this tool for your own benefit?


A bespoke print for Summer Meadow dress, commissioned by fashion studio Mrs Pomeranz. I met Dasha, the owner through a mutual friend whose blog I used to follow online.

Learning skills such as photography, sewing, writing, editing, Photoshop, languages’ have become accessible through a plethora of’ free YouTube tutorials.’ These skills in combination with your existing knowledge and passions are a gateway to the world of freelance jobs and a potentially more interesting life, where you can connect to those you admire, travel to work, spend time with your family, feel fulfilled and happier with yourself. If you are a creative, you could’ be using all the resources listed above’ and pushing yourself and your boundaries no matter how scary the prospect of moving forward is. If this is too much there’s always Plan B:

We are an online business who specialise in fine linens. We run a blog called The Thread which you are now reading. We run two stories a week- one is a tutorial on’ how to sew with’ our linens, and two is a Feature on people and businesses we admire from around the world. We are a small team who consist of two tiny teams across the Atlantic- London and LA. We are constantly in search to grow our team of contributors, from writers to bloggers and tutorial gurus. If you are a fellow seamstress, a writer, a blogger, a re-enactment specialist, a pattern maker, an art historian, a professor at a university, a mum who just loves to sew for her kids, if you have passion for sewing, for writing and research, get in touch with us as we may have a freelance job for you. Of course, it’s not as straight forward as writing an email and landing a job. Of course we have certain standards, expectations, deadlines and budgets, but with passion good things start. We know that. This story is about telling you that we would like to give you an opportunity to change your life.


One of my recent Paint and Sew Tutorials for The Thread/ Click on Photo for Tutorial’ 

If you love to’ sew but don’t know how to take photos, you can buy yourself a camera, learn how to use it and edit your photos on Photoshop all with the help of free resources online. I know this because I too didn’t know how to sew, nor how to even thread a sewing machine, opportunity landed me back in working for my father and one of the needed skills was knowing how to sew. YouTube became my very own private tutor and I am forever grateful for its absolute power of knowledge. You are no different to me, it’s only a matter of believing that you can and in fact should learn some very basic skills in order to translate your knowledge to a WordPress page (the system this blog runs on). If you are a writer/ journalist/ blogger and have a keen interest in fashion, interiors, art history, cinema, ethnicity, sewing, creativity and are really sick of Elance or any of the mass community of freelance job sites that never quite sort you out with a decent’ job- please write to us as we are looking for you! We want to connect, we want to grow and allow you grow with us. This is your opportunity to take your creative self into your own hands, learn the skills you need to allow you to do the job you love- like sewing incredibly intricate and awe aspiring re-enactment gowns that make our jaws drop and with your help will enable so many of our readers to learn how to construct them. If this is you- please get in touch! Don’t let the fact that you have never blogged, or taken a decent photo in your life stop you from taking a risk and contacting a company like ours. You can always take a step back and learn those skills online. We are here to guide you and help you to learn those skills, and once you are ready- we would love to hire you- because a passion can take you places, you just need to open the door and step out.

I hope this has lifted your spirits, given you a fresh perspective on how to’ make great changes for yourself with the use of the Internet and a will to learn and change’ if need be. I wish you a great weekend. And if you would like to work with us- please get in touch by leaving your email below or writing to us here.



  1. Andrea Heller Albershardt

    Good day Masha and the Thread, A cool and lovely Memorial Day here. I find it fun and exciting to connect with others who love fabric, design, sewing, teaching, art and communication. I was enjoying my cup of coffee while reading your words on connecting to each other and using internet capabilities for so many great reasons. It is so true that the tutorials and connections via the web is an amazing way to learn and expand networking and gather ideas. A well written article and invitation to connect with you and possibly expand work and dreams. I have been sewing since I was 10 when I sewed up one side of my finger leaning to make my first dress. I can still see the cotton fabric in my mind. Tuesday, I go to pick up a new Pfaff and take a few tutorials on the new capabilities it offers. My second machine of 34 years is still humming but seems loose and tired. I can no longer get parts, the Necchi company is not making machines and the folks who have served my trusty machine are ready to retire. It has served me well – creating costumes, repairing zippers, and creative wild projects. A couple getting married wanted the groom to have a real life renaissance outfit and so using the few costumes that Kevin Costner wore in ” Robin Hood Prince of Thieves ” i fashioned from the likeness and sewed 8 pieces for his wedding apparel. Finding a great mens costume online was hard to do but the women dresses were easier to find. The costumes for men were cheap looking and not very manly. The cape I made, could actually be worn in the winter and keep a man warm. Sewing is a treat and a pleasure. I would love to speak with you further. Thank you for the wonderful fabrics and the newsletter. Sincerely , Andrea Heller Albershardt, gunnison, Colorado

  2. Ellie Murphy

    I love this idea. I rediscovered sewing recently and have been using my skills to do costuming work for a local community theatre group. I have been meaning to put together a proper portfolio of my work. I’m ready for a career change and I think this might be a way to try it out.

  3. elvina

    i am happy to read your mail. yes i sew for family and friends. learnt to sew from my mom, and good mother, went for a month with a professional tailor. i love to design and create. i am from Goa – India. I purchase my linen material from Bombay. i work with different materials and at present am doing a baby’s trousseau. i am also trying my hand at writing children’s books. i love to bake and even though i work i manage to do the required household chores.
    i would like to join but am not very savvy with the internet.

  4. Eve Willis

    I am very interested in your message. My husband and I own a Bed and Breakfast in southwest GA.

    I have a custom drapery shop since 1988.

    I love linen and I have been sewing since 3rd grade. Yes…3rd grade. I am now 60 years in age.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Eve Willis

  5. Carol Beech

    I first learned to sew on my mother’s Singer treadle machine when I was very young. I created a small puppet theater out of cardboard and made a curtain for my stage. It was a thrill. Since then I have had a love affair for all quality fabric and creating beautiful “things”. I still have much to learn which continues to inspire me. Recently, I came across your website and ordered some linen. It is heavenly! I read about every fabric you offer and enjoy seeing others’ creations. Your daily specials and the “thread” are great! I am a retired piano teacher and have been looking for ways to market my creations (I am an avid knitter, quilter and jewelry artist as well as seamstress) and am very curious about your opportunity.

    Thanks so much for the quality fabric that you make available to so many.

  6. Deborah Stockdale

    Hi, I’ve worked with textiles for over 40 years. I have worked in a variety of techniques, from traditional patchwork and quilting, to currently, with fabric painted, stitched and quilted art quilts. I also create arpilleras (small story quilts, originally created in Chile) which convey political and social stories. I create these and work with groups creating their own arpilleras, which are exhibited internationally. I have been privileged to create several public art projects in the Northwest of Ireland where I live, on historical and social themes.

  7. Sally Williams

    Although I look at the linen specials every day, I have not yet “pulled the trigger” and purchased any. I just don’t sew as much as I used to; since retirement my uniform is jeans/khakis and a tee shirt from my vast collection. And I am catching up on years and years of reading. And I nap at every opportunity.

    But if I were younger and more energetic, you can bet I would be blogging and photographing and working my fingers to the bone sewing. The internet has opened up enormous possibilities, and I am so proud of the people taking full advantage of this, and wish them all the best.

    I wish you good luck. And I will probably be buying some of your exceptional linen sooner or later.

    1. Author
      Masha Karpushina

      Thank you Sally! this really made me smile. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you very much for your kind wish. And if you do decide to get some of our linen, would love to know what you made. Masha

  8. Vickie Welch

    I am a passionate sewer. I learned to sew from my grandmother and mother many years ago. For many years my interest in sewing was put on the backburner, until I became deathly ill with a septic infection and almost lost my life. Since my recovery, which was long and painful, I have found a new zest for life, and especially with all things involving sewing and design. My dream now is to create clothing that is comfortable and beautiful. Recently I discovered your store and things will never be the same! I eagerly await each day for your sale of the day and create exclusively with your beautiful linen. Your linen inspires me to do more, create more, I am totally addicted. Thanks for this email, I want to share my creations with the world but my knowledge of the computer world is a bit lacking. I have sold a few things on ebay, but want to expand. Maybe NOW is the time to take that big leap of faith. THANKS!

    1. Author
      Masha Karpushina

      Vickie, thank you for this beautiful story. Email me so we can carry on talking on maskar (at) gmail (dot) com. Would love to hear more and see what you make and thank you for the kind words about our fabrics. And absolutely! opportunity comes in most unexpected disguises, I hope that we can make your dreams come true. It would bring immense joy to me. Masha

  9. Katie

    I am interested in learning more about this possibility. I sew, bake, paint, raised children, worked in the home and outside of the home. Looking for a way to put more creativity into my every day life. I am learning to make my own patterns since I have a short and wide body to fit 🙂 and will be making linen clothing for myself this next spring.
    I enjoy the newsletters I receive. Thanks for all the good information.
    Katie Wenning

  10. Karrie Freeman


    Thank you so much for this email! It really was inspiring to me who has been sewing forever but has finally started to venture into the world of blogging, and selling my services. My website is still fairly new but has a couple of tutorials as well as a small shop and details about the classes, workshops and events that I teach and participate in. I am looking for a company with similar interests to collaborate with and I have been a long time fan of you guys! Feel free to check out my Instagram as well @thecliffhangerdesign thanks in advance for Your time and consideration!


  11. Mike G.

    As a museum costumer working in the 18th and 19th centuries, I expect to regularly use your fabrics. If there is a problem, it’s nice to know that there is a good, caring person at the other end of the conversation – even if that conversation is online. While it is true that the internet can bring us closer together, it also acts as a barrier making business transactions very impersonal.

    1. Author
      Masha Karpushina

      Hey Mike! Thank you for sharing. You are right in that the online experience isn’t as direct and personal as walking into a store and getting to know the people who sell something you really enjoy and vice versa, it would be amazing to be able to meet people who buy from us. I love the fishmonger guys who know my name and know my kids, and are always super happy to see us. We try our best to encourage conversations here too.. so I again say thank you for saying hello. Would really love to hear more about what you do. There is a show that’s just opened up in London called Dressed by Angels- costumes from the past 175 years, when I read your comment, reminded me that I definitely need to go soon. Take care. Masha

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