Tea Talk: What are you favourite quick projects?

Tea Talk: What are you favourite quick projects?

Ever since I have discovered the world of sewing, I am obsessed with making cushion cases of all kinds. Part of the reason is that its a) we need good looking cushions, b) its super quick and easy, and c) there is an endless pool of possibilities. Different cushion cover types, with buttons, zipped up, stuffed, painted, embroidered, embellished with beads etc. The fun doesn’t end.

Do you have a type of project you keep going back to and why? Care to share your favourites?




  1. Renee

    Small quick projects? Leftover strips of fabric (any kind) sewn together to make mini-quilts that can be bound and used for dolls to sleep on or under or as coasters in the sewing room. I take a piece of backing that is large enough for the project – put batting on it, then add strips & sew them down – then press the top layer to one side & use that as where to sew the next strip to – the stitches don’t show from the top but they do show on the backing. If you are only using strips, you can sew from one side to the other or from the middle out. If you have a short strip or two, sew several together to get more fabrics into the quilt. At the end, trim to size and bind with bias. They can also be used as the front of a pillow, the top of a pet bed, or a placemat – depending on the size of the backing & batting that you start out with. Using odd shapes, you can do a crazy quilt style – using some embroidery stitches – even along the length of one of the strips or an edge before sewing it down (embroider in from the edge enough that it’s going to show).

  2. Carrie Krumrie

    Looking for your instructions for bread bag! I think I can figure it out. I just wanted to see the size of the bag!
    Love the linen I purchased from your site.
    Planning on making bread bags from scraps of linen!
    Thank you so much.
    Carrie Krumrie

  3. Becky Goldsmith

    This is sooo exciting!! How wonderful to have this space to share ideas!!!! I’ve been sewing since I was in elementary school.. my first things were halter tops and blue jean purses..? I’ve done most everything.. children ‘s clothing so special.. but I look forward to hearing your ideas… I need inspiration!!!

  4. Too Clark

    My favorite “quick” thing takes zero time. It’s a big furoshiki tote.

    Two yards of linen with the ends of selvage side tied together to a length that functions as a cross body strap. Flip it over your head and then tie the bottom two corners together, all the way closed. Obviously, you use square knots rather than granny knots but the result is like the T.A.R.D.I.S. – it’s WAY bigger on the inside. It just looks like a tote but you can easily stuff 4 or 5 bags of groceries into it. Of course, it looks bigger when it’s full and the T.A.R.D.I.S. doesn’t but, still. It’s super awesome. I carry the dog around and even to the vet in it. He’s a chihuahua, so there’s plenty of room for a pillow, too. Oh – “”The” pillow. With a capital “T”.

    Best sleeping pillow is half the size of a regular bed pillow, LENGTHWISE so, long and narrow. Stuffed with cluster fill and you never get that ridge that rolls up around the top of your head. Anyone who has neck problems will appreciate the even the slightest downward pressure on the neck is “Evil”.

  5. Bess Glenn

    I have been sewing clothing since I was about 7, I still sew mostly clothing. The most fun was making prom dresses and skirts for teen girls.

  6. Julie Akyol

    Pillowcases. I like doing the hems in a contrasting color. Red case with gold trim for the hemmed area; dark blues with etheral blue, and so on. They make perfect gifts and I can also embroider or embellish in some other manner as well. I think it stems from my childhood in the 40-50’s where pillowcases were embroidered a lot. I also like to do dish towels and embroider them as well. Gifts and for camping, my bathrooms too. They are perfect for wrapping freshly washed hair and absorbing water before combing. The jacquard fabrics are wonderful for that also.

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