DIY: Fog Linen Tank Top

DIY: Fog Linen Tank Top


Learn how to make a comfortable linen tank top with today’s tutorial!  This easy-to-sew tank top is made with our Fog linen shade in IL041 fabric.  It is a uniquely textured linen in a stylish hue that is perfect for the approaching sunny days.

There are no fancy sewing tricks to this one!  All it takes is a few cuts and easy hems to make your new, everyday tank top.  This is the perfect article of clothing for stylish, but casual outfits.  I even like to lounge around at home in mine.  It is so soft and comfortable that you won’t want to take it off.

I made mine in Fog linen because I am obsessed with this soft blue-gray shade.  There are so many colors to choose from, so you can customize your tank top to your own personal style.



  • 1 yard of pre-laundered linen
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pattern paper
You might recognize this linen from the 5 Minute Scarf tutorial I did a few weeks ago.  IL041 linen is clearly a favorite of mine!  I chose to make my tank in Fog linen….because I am in love with this color.  The soft blue-gray will go great with jeans or black pants.

If you haven’t tried sewing with IL041, I’d recommend checking it out.  It is a lot different from the other linen we offer.  I just love how it looks and feels.  It’s almost like a thickly woven gauze.  This tank top design is ridiculously simple, but stands out because of this unique fabric.  Take a look at all the colors to see what you like! See more IL041 Linen >>


This is the pattern I used for my tank top.  It’s really simple and you can use the same pattern for the front and back pieces.  Measure your bust, waist, and hips to give you the correct size for your figure.  I loosely made my measurements to give me a more "baggy" tank top.  It think the looser fit suites this linen and style well.  I included the measurements I used for my tank top in the pattern for reference.


Begin by cutting your two pieces of linen.  Use your pattern to cut a piece for the front and back of the tank top.


Hem the edges around the neck and arm holes first.


A simple 1/2 inch hem is all you need to sew for these edges.


Then sew the straps together.

When the top part of the tank top is sewn and ready, I like to sew the tank top together along the two vertical sides.  After doing this, I then hem the bottom with the same 1/2 inch hem as the shoulder area.


This how all the 1/2 inch hems should look like on the outside of your tank top.


The inside of the hems looks just like this.  These hems finish all the edges and are the trickiest part of this tank top.  Not very tricky, right? That’s exactly why this is so easy to sew!

Sewing clothes can seem intimidating at times, so it is always nice to know there are simple ways to sew beautiful items you can wear.

This is the seam that runs along the inside of the tank top and attaches the two pieces together.  I used and outerlock machine to finish my seam, but that is an optional step.


This is the outside of the side seam and the hem along the bottom.  Simple and clean.

It is hard to capture the texture of IL041 linen in photos, but I tried my best to show you here!  The fibers are thicker and more loosely woven to create a more visible weave.  

My advice- throw this linen into the washer and dryer as soon as you get it delivered.  When you pull it out of the dryer, it is so soft and beautiful!  This same tank top is fine in cotton or other fabrics, but with this linen it becomes something so much more stylish.



I can’t wait to wear my tank top.  This Winter has been extremely mild and it seems like Spring will just blend into Summer.  Which is a good if you plan on making more linen clothing.  It’s a great fabric for breathable clothing for those warmer months.  

Look at all the IL041 colors available by visiting our site HERE>>.

If you want to look at all the linen selections for any type of craft you have in mind, visit our online store at>>

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  1. Karen

    Does the weave of 41 shrink up quite a lot when you wash and dry? My sample looks like it would have to be lined for modesty.

  2. janice

    Love this little Tank. Made the first yesterday in Fog, today, made one in White and now working on one in Asphalt. Each one is a bit different in length and neckline. Looks great with a scarf or a long casual necklace. I made a 1 1/4 hem in the Fog and that looks fabulous. I love linen and think this would also be great in the 5.3 weight, all-purpose linen. WIsh I could post a pic. Looks great with skinny jeans! Don’t forget to put your personalized label in the back. I also sewed the shoulder seams before I did the seams. I top stitched twice also. Looks like a Eileen Fisher basic.

  3. kia jones

    Another question after you went 3.5 to 4 inches up to the sholder line how far in on the shoulder line did you go to make the neckline?

  4. kia jones

    I see you went a little up pass the bust to the armhole how far up from the bust to the armhole did you go? looks like an inch or so???

  5. Geri Royer

    I would like to second the idea of making these tutorials into .pdf files. I love the tank top idea and will be making one for one of my coworkers.

  6. AmyCat =^.^=

    Naomi Sparrow’s right. The shoulders will look a LOT more professional if you sew them together, then sew the side-seams, and THEN turn the collar, sleeve, and bottom edges and hem them!

  7. naomi Sparrow

    Hi, great idea for a simple tank top.

    May I just mention that I find that if you attach the shoulders first, then finish the neck seam…it’s seamless. there is no bumpy bit at the top of the shoulder, because it can be flattened and tucked into the seams.

    i find it makes a more finished looking product…


  8. anonymous

    Can you also create a PDF so it can be downloaded to a stick. I go to the library and have to print out any ideas I like. thank you

  9. Erica Waldmann

    I love the tutorials that you share. I mostly sew historical garments with your linen but your simple ideas give me ideas for things to do mundanely with linen. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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