Fabric Rosettes Tutorial

Fabric Rosettes Tutorial

I have been seeing these cute little fabric rosettes everywhere lately and decided it was about time to try my hand at making a few. ‘ Although they look fairly intricate, it turns out that they are a incredibly easy to make. They are also a great way to use up scraps of linen you have leftover from previous projects. I’ve broken down how to make these darling flowers in a few easy steps so you can get crafting too!

DIY Rosette

Once you have nailed this easy craft you can begin decorating just about anything with them. They are a simple and great way to add a unique flair to your favorite linen bag or any accessory. Add them to a blouse or cardigan for a lovely handmade detail. You can even make flower arrangements and bouquets with them! One of my personal favorites is gluing them to a wreath and presenting it as a rustic and beautiful gift to friends. ‘ A handmade fabric rosette can be used just about everywhere I’ve found!

Fabric Rosette Materials

Material List:

You should find all the materials to make these darling rosettes right in your home.

  • A piece of linen fabric.’  (Scrap pieces work perfectly for this project.)
  • A yardstick or ruler
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread

Level of Difficulty: Beginners/Easy

Time: 5-10 minutes per rosette.


Linen for Rosettes

First, you need to cut a long enough strip of fabric to work with. ‘ The length and width of a standard yardstick is a good model to follow.

Strip of Fabric for Rosettes

Fold your strip of fabric in half along the entire center. ‘ Firmly crease or pin it as you go to hold it in place.

Rolled Center of Rosette

Once you have got your fabric all ready, it’s time to start rolling. Begin at one end of your strip and roll up the fabric into a slightly tight coil. You may use a pin or needle to hold this center coil in place as you continue wrapping.
DIY Rosette
Continue this same motion of wrapping the strip of fabric around the center of your rosette.

DIY Rosette


Get looser with your wraps as you go for a more natural looking flower. Try twisting or folding the fabric occasionally for a more realistic petal look.

DIY Rosette

When you reach the last bit of your piece of fabric, just tuck the end under your rosette with a pin.

DIY Rosette

You can then sew or glue it shut depending on what is more convenient for you.

DIY Rosette

Just ruffle up the petals and you are all done creating your beautiful fabric rosette!

DIY Rosette

I hope you enjoy making these rosettes as much as I do’  I have a pile of these rosettes that won’t stop growing because I keep hoarding all of them for myself. ‘ But they make lovely gifts, so I suggest you surprise your friends with a cute little rosette! ‘ Also, share your creations with me by sending in photos of your work. Every rosette looks different and everybody makes them a little different. ‘ I’d love to see how yours turn out!


  1. Author
    nicole novembrino

    You’re right! That is the “twisting” and “folding” I mention in order to create more natural looking petals.
    Sorry if it wasn’t very clear. Just play with the fabric as you wrap it around so it looks more uneven (and realistic).
    I hope this answers your question. Have you tried making any rosettes yet?
    My first one was too uniform and not very pretty. After a few tries, I realized twisting the fabric as I wrapped resulted in a much prettier rosette!

  2. Rayanne Staubly

    You seem to have left out a step or explanation of a step in the making of the roses. What happens after you roll the center and making the first ‘petals’? Your hands seem to show a double fold in the strip of cloth but you don’t mention it in the explanation? I can see what seems to be folds?


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