3 Quick Curtain Solutions

3 Quick Curtain Solutions

Curtains may seem intimidating to make and easy to put off- trust me, I procrastinated making my own curtains for months! ‘ I finally made some curtains for my place and could not understand why I avoided this project for so long. ‘ They literally took no time at all to make!

The first step is to pick out your linen. ‘ I picked out two yards of linen for two windows. ‘ My windows are fairly narrow, so make sure to measure your windows before ordering linen. ‘ The length of your curtains is completely up to you too. ‘ Once you have your measurements ready, you can visit’ Fabrics-Store.com‘ to pick out the color of your choice.

I like using’ IL020‘ for curtains because its pretty sheer and light. ‘ I also love the variety of colors it comes it. ‘ If you don’t want to let in too much light, I would suggest trying’ IL019.‘  This is a middle-weight linen that will block out a little more light without looking heavy or drab.


If in doubt, I think IL020 in’ White‘ is always a fantastic choice for curtains. ‘ It is sheer, light, and beautiful linen that matches every room. ‘ If you want something even more sheer…..IL030‘ is one of my favorites because it is so light and delicate-looking.


For this first curtain, I am using IL020 in one of our new shades called’ Cerulean. ‘ Again, measure how much you will need to cover your window and any additional length you like for your curtains.

Remember to add a few inches to the sides because we will need some extra length for the hems.



For the top hem, I measured two inches, ‘ I then folded and ironed my linen to hold the crease.


This particular curtain will hang from the rod by ties. To make the fabric that will tie around the rod, cut strips of linen that measure 2.5″ x 8″Cut as many strips as you need.

They will be spaced 3.5 inches apart from one another, so however many you will need to fill the top of your curtain.


Fold each strip in half.


Open the fold and fold both sides inwards to the middle crease.


Fold along the crease and repeat this for all your strips of fabric.


Sew the edges of each strap. ‘  To attach them to your curtains, just sew the middle of each piece along the top of your fabric (spacing them 3.5 inches apart).


I found’ it easier to sew the ties on before sewing the hem on the top of the curtain.



All you need to do know if tie your curtain onto your rod. ‘ It’s so simple and looks great!


The second type of curtain is by far the easiest to make. ‘ I used Il019 in’ Natural linen‘ for this curtain, but again, you can use any color and type of linen you like.Hem the sides a with a half inch seam.

Then fold the top down 2.5 inches (you can make the fold larger too) and sew it like the image above. ‘ This will create a gap for the curtain rod to slide into.


Now you can just slide the rod though the top portion of your curtain.


Using natural linen for your curtains is another one of my favorite styles. ‘ I love the rustic look they give to a room, while adding a certain amount of understated elegance. ‘ A definite winner!

Trust me, you will get some compliments if you choose natural linen.


Lastly, you can make curtains by following the same steps as the previous curtain (the natural flax one) and at fabric loops to the top. ‘ The curtain rod will the go through these loops. ‘ Just hem the top and sides of your linen.

Cut 3.5″ x 8″ strips of fabric for the loops. ‘ Make a seam on each of these strips along the edge and then attach them to the top of the curtain. ‘ Space them 3.5 inches apart (like we did with the first curtain) and sew them on by making a seam that runs along the top of the curtain. ‘ It looks so great that it is hard to believe how easy it is to make!

By the way, I used IL020 in Mulberry for this curtain. ‘ It is one of the new shades available and I am completely obsessed with it. ‘ I need everything in Mulberry!

I hope these quick curtain solutions make the idea of making curtains a little less frightening. ‘ There are a ton of other ways to make curtains that I think another post in the future is necessary. ‘ Let me know your curtain ideas too! ‘ I’d love to hear how make and hang your curtains, so I can share them with all our readers!


  1. Suzann Propp

    When making a curtain that slides into the rod I sew one inch down from the top. Add extra to the pocket so you have room to fit the rod in.

  2. Kathleen Buckley

    Great ideas! But you might want to think about how wide the curtain needs to be: generally it’s recommended that the curtain be 2 to 3 times wider than the window. Less can look . . . mingy. Not that it can’t work if all you want is a little screening. But if you want more privacy, wider is better–and if the linen is fine and light-colored, you’ll still get light through it. I guess it’s like the difference between hanging a lace curtain and hanging one that’s opaque. It all depends on how much privacy you want.

  3. Margaret Lote

    Whow . That is fabulous.. I just love to see how people make things . I do make my own curtains and Iv’e just made them with the rings in for the first time and they have turned out great .. hve made them with the tags. but now I can print out your copy and keep the intructions … Thank you so much ..
    Regards Margaret WA.

  4. Janice V

    Just a note: When using linen, buy an extra yard and wash at least 3 times before use. Also, dry in a hot dryer until almost dry. Then iron on med/hot setting. If you do not do this, when you go to clean the item it WILL shrink. I made the mistake of just making up a slipcover for a footboard and headboard and did not wash it. After it was washed it was 4 inches !!!! too small on each piece. I had to take and extra piece, prewash and shrink it, then open up the sides of the piece and put strips on each side of the slipcovers. It looks OK, but not the original design. ALWAYS, PRESHRINK. This linen from this company is the best linen and price I have found. Consistent quality and colour. It makes the most beautiful curtains and the heavy weight the best slipcovers and pillows. My customers just love it! frenchshabbyessentials

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