Whimsical Linen Bow Dress Tutorial

Whimsical Linen Bow Dress Tutorial


I have been obsessed with cinched waists and bows therefore, lovely readers, I want to share this tutorial for a superbly easy-to-make dress with a fabulous bow on the back for a surprise. This dress is so simple and yet so elegant and feminine. Try it in a lighter colour for a’ summery feel, add some sleeves and it will be wonderful for winter, otherwise wear it with a turtleneck underneath and the dress will be ready for all sorts of occasions.

Materials & Tools

material52.5 yards of IL019 Chocolate Softened
Matching sewing thread
22in (56cm) Zip

Pattern master, pattern paper
Paper scissors, fabric scissors
Fabric marker, pins, tape measure
Zip sewing foot


3-4′ hours




You can access the printable multi-sized PDF pattern HERE.


Note: To avoid shrinking and wrinkling, prewash your fabric and tumble dry it until it is still slightly moist, let it’ dry at room temperature and then iron.

1. Iron the fabric so it is easier to work with.

2. Use a serger, or choose your own method to protect the seams from fraying. Make sure the method you choose does not add weight to the fabric.

3. Pin together two pieces of the strap and stitch along three sides of the strap leaving an opening on one side so you can turn it inside out.

4. Turn the strap onto its right side and press. Repeat this for the other strap.


5. With the right sides together, pin the shoulder seams of the front and back panels together. Stitch along and press.


6. With the right sides together, pin the side seams of the bodice together.’ The strap (with its right side facing outwards) will be sandwiched between the front and back panel at the waistline.

side-seam-rs-267. The pinning of the side seam will stop at the opening of the side slit. Stitch along the two side seams and press open.

8. Following this tutorial, put in an invisible zip at the centre back of the dress.

9. Pin the remaining centre back seam allowance of the back panels together, from the end of the zip, and stitch along.


10. Follow this tutorial and sew the collar facing into the dress.

11. Follow this tutorial and complete the dress with the armhole facing.


12. Hand stitch the facing onto the seam allowance on the wrong side of the dress and help prevent the material from folding outwards.


13. Finally, press the hemming of the dress onto its wrong side and top stitch along the length. Pressing is very important especially when it comes to stitching along the opening side slits.


Tie a bow and you are done!


Why not have a look at the plethora of fabrics in a multitude of colors and choose one for this fabulous dress?


  1. AuntyMFlammatory

    Thank you FS, for the wide range of sizes you now offer in this pattern. Although I understand you can?t possible offer bust darts that fit everyone, you also supply a tutorial on how we can customize for ourselves. Just spend a little time looking and you?ll find the answers to just about every issue you?d like to address, my sister sewers. If you can?t open the pattern, don?t forget to sign in first and see if that helps. Getting used to Adobe will make a lot of difference in how much trouble you have. Once you figure it out, it?s a snap.

    I?m 68, size 24-30 (depending on the pattern), fully “expanded hour-glass” and 5? 7″. These patterns keep me coming back to buy the linen fabrics that I can?t find here on Kaua?i.

    I?m really pleased to see that our pleas are being heard and addressed! Mahalo!

  2. Stacy

    Is the link going to be fixed? I would love to have a printable pattern. I have made so many pieces of clothes with the patterns that I download. I am not good at all at grading patterns, very frustrating and don’t really have the time to do so that is why the print and cut is so nice.

    Please fix the link…..

  3. Lisa

    As others have already mentioned, link to pattern is broken. Would like to grade my own pattern. Could you kindly provide pattern in whatever sizes you have? Thank you.

  4. Madeleine Gagnon

    I was trying to load the pattern on the link you did put above but it doesn’t seem to work, I got an Error Message; this dress is so cute, I would like to try to make one for myself…

    Could you please send it to me or place the link in the Totu so I can access it please

    Best regards

  5. Kay T. Elam

    The link to the pattern isn’t working. But I would really like to have this dress in a size 10! My granddaughter would look like a million bucks at the summer parties!

  6. Heidi

    I stumbled on your site, what a fantastic find. Thanks so much for the free patterns, how kind!!! I cannot find the link to this one though, it doesn’t seem to be working.
    Thanks again!

  7. Stacy

    I would love to have a multi size printable pdf of this pattern!. I have the perfect linen in brown and navy for this dress. Great for summer in Florida!…I live for linen. My whole wardrobe is all linen…can’t get enough. Just made the linen t-shirt in a light weight silver color, and I am working on the Moroccan pant pattern to go with the t-shirt. I love when you guys provide us with the pdf’s, makes life a lot easier when you can print them out and cut and sew! New outfit in a weekend….success!

  8. Brenda Pierson

    To those, including me, who would need to resize this pattern, I may have a solution. I am grateful for the guidance these patterns give, but they don’t fit me either. Ywo options occur to me. 1) Perhaps you can have the pattern printed at your local office supply big-box company that does that, or 2) Redraft it yourself using your own pre-made sloper. I have been watching Fit2Stitch.com and have learned so much on fitting that I never knew. I hope this helps!

  9. StacyV

    This dress is lovely! I would love to see your patterns graded up to a size US24 or even higher. Also Tall and Petite Adjustments as needed. It would also be nice to have optional sleeves added, longer version(s) added, optional bust darts, and all finished measurements printed on the pattern and in the pattern info for easy access for choosing pattern size. If optional sleeves and lengths are not possible, at least suggested additional yardage for those additions. I love to sew for myself, DIL, and daughters, all different sizes and heights, from size US10 to US24, with heights from 5’3″ to 6’1″. It would be so nice to get all sizes from one pattern! I’ve been sewing for 40 years, since I was 12, and I am very creative with patterns and can use one pattern to make us each a dress that looks nothing alike unless we want it to!
    I truly appreciate your free patterns and tutorials. You inspire my creativity!

  10. Athena PN

    I’m not plus sized but I do have a bustline that’s a full size larger than what the rest of my petite body needs. Sadly this pattern doesn’t accommodate The Boob’d and I haven’t the skill to redraft the bodice of the dress.

    Please add my voice to the requests for patterns in more than one size – fewer tutorials that are fully graded are much preferable to lots of ‘new’ tutorials that are wearable only on a model’s dimensions. Thanks!

  11. Rebecca

    I’ve had to alter my clothing for years – my front is much larger than my back (25″ vs 18″), so I buy large items (size 20 – 22) and take the back in drastically. Patterns that are flexible in sizing are my favorites.

  12. Pen

    Size 2-4 would be lovely. It’s quite difficult to find them so maybe you can consider sizing your patterns to include them. 🙂

  13. C.L. Langtry

    “Use a serger, or choose your own method to protect the seams from fraying. Make sure the method you choose does not add weight to the fabric.” Does this mean you can’t do French seams on this project?

    More PLUS size patterns please. A lot of people who sew do so because there is such a poor selection of nice styles in the plus size stores.

  14. A.J.

    Many, if not most, will have no interest in your patterns as long as they continue to be designed for the 1% of women who are built like runway models.
    In the sewing classes I’ve taught, women want to sew because they cannot find flattering ready-to-wear styles. Most of the time, that’s because they’re plus-sized; the other issues are almost always height-related. For height issues, women over 40 tend to be to short for modern RTW.

  15. Heidi Williams

    Beautiful dress! I understand folks wanting more sizes but please keep in mind that some of us would like you to keep the current sizing as well.

  16. Emma Bull

    I’m not even a plus-size lady–just a six-feet-tall one with proportions to match. I haven’t been a size six since junior high. If you’d rather not supply graded patterns for larger sizes, you could always do tutorials for how to alter and add to existing patterns. This one, for instance, could focus on how to add a sash/tie to the waist of a pattern. That would be universally interesting, and save your newsletter subscribers some disappointment.

  17. Joha.

    Ditto all comments above! The tutorials need to be for larger sizes. The models are always thin and flat-chested. I’m 5’2″, 144 lbs, and wear a bra 38 DD. Let’s see something that might work for those of us more generously proportioned. 🙂

  18. Robin Beeson

    I really would like a multiple size pattern forn this dress in siize 12, 14,16,18 so I can make some for my daughter, granddaughter and myself. Can you help me?

  19. Greta Johnson

    I would love to have a pattern size for the above dress for bust size 41inches. It is beautiful and so it the model!


    Greta Johnson

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